25 October 2012

braces :)


Now nothing much to say with. And i'm just done in big WAR that we called PMR. Alhamdulillah, everything is going fine. Do pray for me okay?! And yeah thanks. So,the purpose i'm here is i'm going to talk about BRACES! 

Only in Japan got this!

Actually,admin pun going to wear this thing. Insya allah on this December i dah pun pakai. But not the LED one. Tapi nice kan? Different from the others. Feel like we only the one who is wearing LED braces. Speacial je rasa. Haha. Berangan -.-

Akak admin ada sorang dah pakai. Tak lama dah nak cabut. Admin pakai pun sebab gigi admin tak tersusun. So,nak la gigi cantik macam korang kan :p So,better buat cepat² alang² admin tengah cuti 2 bulan. Hihi. Seriously tak sabar. Okay till here then. \

Bui-bui (:

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